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Marketing Strategies to Drive Web Traffic

stats_image_marketing1.jpgOkay, you have a website, you have products, now it's time for consumers to find your site and start buying! So, where do you start? 

CINIVA currently offers various online marketing packages to existing clients and website owners in need of increasing traffic for a higher turnover of sales and fulfillment. Whether you're selling toys and games, or trying to increase tourism to your little corner of the world, we will work with you to create an effective SEO campaign. Content building, pay-per-click management, and e-mail marketing are just a few of the options we offer to our clients to help increase their online visibility and traffic, and to help them achieve their goals. You don't have to have a CINIVA-designed site to take advantage of our SEO services, either.

Some tricks are done manually, others through specialized software designed to help websites achieve optimal search results. CINIVA offers three SEO packages, all of which cover the basics of search engine optimization, some of which concentrate on alternative methods of promotion that are subject to adaptation as the nature of the Internet changes. You may find some sites are more conducive to certain types of marketing than others. With our growing experience in the SEO industry, we do our best to stay on top of the latest trends and apply them to our clients' needs.

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searchboxlogo1.jpgNo two sites are alike, therefore no two sites should be optimized in the same fashion. At CINIVA, we recognize the need for a business to stay on top of search engine results for their desired key phrases. As a design company, we take SEO to heart because we want to be found on Google and Yahoo, too! We also realize that what works for our site in terms of SEO might not work for another client. Therefore, when we take on your project, we look at the big picture. We don't just ask, "How can we get you page one search results?" We also ask, "How do we get people to buy once they are on your site?"

That said, with every SEO project handled by CINIVA, ten core tasks come into play over an indefinite period of time. Some tasks are performed immediately, some only once, and still others are performed continuously in order to secure and maintain high rankings in Google, Yahoo, and MSN search on specific keywords. As the business of search engine optimization continues to change, so may this list over time. We invite you to browse our Marketing section for more information on the core elements of our SEO plans, as well as additional procedures tailored to specific clientele. Travel and tourism companies may benefit from podcast and RSS marketing, while companies geared toward industry may find growing article content beneficial in attracting Web traffic.

When you're ready for your site to be seen, contact CINIVA at 757.499.1990 to learn more about our SEO packages.

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