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Online Event Registration Functionality for Your Site

You have a busy schedule and want to share it with the community, what better way to do that by adding event calendars and online registration applications to your website? Whether you run a community theater or sports club, offer crafting classes at your arts store, or are promoting events for your non-profit organization or church, an online calendar and registration pack is the perfect way to let people know what is going on, when it's going to happen, and where to go. Accept payments for tickets, seminars, and transportation fees through a secured page on your site, and collect user data to promote future events.

Plan Ahead! How far into the future do you need to go? CINIVA's event calendar applications allow users to promote events up to one year in advance. Calendars may be customized to display as a traditional grid or the more functional to-do list format.

Individual Pages for Events Link each event to its own information page. Let people know everything about the event, including directions and maps. If it's a paid event, let users access additional functionality by allowing them to register and pay online!

Data Collection Every e-mail address registered is saved into a database. Allow an option for visitors to opt-in to mailings for more events and sales. Build a customer base quickly and easily.

User-Friendly Our events and calendar modules are simple to use and execute. Even the novice Internet user in your organization can update the calendar with ease.

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