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Customized Web Programming For Your Site

To build a loyal online following, your website must offer functionality for interaction and create a community atmosphere that encourages dialogue between your company and visitors...and even visitors amongst themselves. Events calendars, message boards, chat platforms and online registrations are great for business, and more affordable and simpler to apply than you think.

wwwlogo.jpgCINIVA Systems offers a lengthy menu of Web-based, data-driven software applications to enhance all facets of your website. Turn your website into an online community without the high costs and operational overhead typically associated with internal technology management. You supply the content and products, let CINIVA do the magic to make your site dance, and watch the traffic rise!

Contact CINIVA today at 757.499.1990 to learn more about specialized software enhancements for a new or existing website.

Sure, there are many free applications for newsletter distribution and online registration, but many programs require their company's banner or logo be affixed to everything you implement. Why advertise another site when CINIVA can create customized applications designed for your needs? Don't worry about waiting for some stranger to contact you about tech support for shareware applications, either. CINIVA Web programming is guaranteed, and it works.

Why develop and base your database and operational software on the Internet? Simple - less cost, less headache.

  • Low investment cost compared to traditional internal systems requiring heavy hardware investment and ongoing network maintenance and upgrades - Internet connectivity is your only concern!
  • Rapid development cycle - customized applications typically can move from design to implementation in eight weeks or less
  • Outsourced use of world-class infrastructure providing state-of-the-art security, firewall and connectivity channels as the 'home' for your web-based software
  • 24x7 oversight and support
  • Daily tape backups of all content and data
  • Expand your operations with minimal IT investment - your secure database programs are accessible anywhere in the world - headquarters, regional offices, home-based offices, anywhere you can log onto the internet
  • Use new browser-enabled PDAs (hand-held computers) to access your operational software - ideal for on-site service providers
  • Built for growth - fully scaleable and in most cases, the software we build is yours - you own it (certain restrictions may apply and licensed sub-components may have restrictions)
  • Our programs use worldwide coding protocols such as Macromedia ColdFusion, ASP/.net, PHP, FlashScript and Java, clean and well-documented, ensuring their viability into the future, whether or not you are doing business with CINIVA.

Contact CINIVA today at 757.499.1990 to learn how to add interactive functionality to your website.

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