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The Ciniva CMS (Content Management System) platform allows you to be in full control of your site. This platform is both affordable and user-friendly. With several solutions to meet your needs, Ciniva custom tailors each CMS solution to work for the client.

If you enjoy creating graphics, writing content, and keeping your site fresh, the Ciniva CMS is your solution. We know that most people don't have time to learn HTML or use Dreamweaver, that's why we created this solution. The Ciniva CMS allows you to manage your entire website with no web programming knowledge.

The Ciniva CMS cuts out the middle man and gives you the power to control and modify your site when you see fit. No more paying costly web designers or programmers to make changes to your website. Why waste your valuable time and money when the power is at your finger-tips with the Ciniva CMS?

This solution comes with many built-in features. Here is a brief overview of the built-in feature list:

  • Real Time Traffic Reports - Know how many visitors are at your site at that precise time!

  • Search Engine Friendly - Build perfect pages automatically. Designed for high "searchability" by leading search engines like Google. Ciniva's CMS has several technical "flavors" that give you platform-independence, with pages built to the latest web standards and best practices for achieving maximum visibility and usability on any browser.
  • Menu Flexibility - Choose and manage your own menu styles. State-of-the-art elegance is our standard for all the popular styles and some innovative new ones. There's no limit to the number of pages you can create, and you can arrange pages to suit your needs.

  • Drag & Drop Functionality - Easily drag and drop pages on your website. You can literally drag one menu into another to create a hierarchy of pages.

  • Article Manager - The ease of a weblog, the professionalism of a media database. Link easily to off-site information, PDF files, or create your own text articles and press releases for your own online library.

  • Blog Manager - Create one or more personal web logs - one of the best ways to keep a site fresh and build-up a community around your product, service, or organizational website. You can allow for site visitor comments and decide which get published. Syndicate your blog with RSS capability, too!

  • Photo Galleries & Integrated Image Management - Build any number of photo galleries with your own images. Insert images seamlessly into any page to enhance your content.

  • Form Functionality - Create contact forms for opt-in advertising opportunities, or setup a registration form for your company or organization's next event. You could even create a donation form!

  • User-Friendly HTML Editor - Our built-in WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get) software offers the ease of a word processing program. If you can work Microsoft Word than you can edit your web pages.

  • Post PDF's, Pictures or Word Documents in Seconds - Want to have a form pop-up and be printable instead of sending it to clients in the mail? You got it with Ciniva CMS.

  • Automatic Enhancements - As the Ciniva CMS is improved, you have the option to receive automatic upgrades.

One simple crash course on management is all you need create a website in no time at all!


Contact CINIVA today to learn more about how to apply for our affordable, efficient Content Management System today.

Ciniva Case Studies

Facebook Advertising Tips - Get Quality Facebook Likes & Fans

Running a social media campaign for your business is important, but can be difficult to achieve measurable results. Read about how CINIVA clients have had social media marketing success with a little help from quality Facebook advertising.

European Travel Social Media

When, premier booking engine for European hotels, needed assistance in boosting referrals to their site and increasing active users looking for accommodations, they came to CINIVA Systems' SimpleTourism, our specialized travel SEO branch, to work toward meeting their online promotional goals.

Custom Forms for CMS Websites
Real Estate Listing Forms for

Custom Forms with our CMS Web Design allows easy data collection from visitors and leads to increased profits!

High Search Rankings
High Search RankingIncreased visibility in search engines leads to more traffic and more sales. CINIVA can get you noticed.

Attractive, Custom Design
The Spangler Eckert Website has proven to be one of best graphic designs and has led to major improvement in their sales.  <a href=""  target=_blank > Spangler Eckert </a>

CINIVA believes in bringing your design vision to life. All of our websites are custom designed with your input, never a template used.

Social Networking
thumb_evms1.jpgEastern Virginia Medical School wanted to re-energize their Alumni Association Website. CINIVA helped them do this by incorporating social networking to build upon MySpace and Facebook's popular features.

Real Estate Experts
Nancy Chandler RealtorsCINIVA and Nancy Chandler Associates Realtors teamed up to create a state-of-the-art real estate website.

That's Entertainment
sandbox.jpgWhen it comes to designing a site for the Sandler Center, CINIVA hits all the right notes.

Retail E-Commerce Success
Dorothy PrenticeDorothy Prentice Aromatherapy increases global visibility through their new online shopping cart, catering to retail and wholesale customers.

Online Donations
London Bridge ChurchWith CINIVA, churches can accept monetary donations and online registration for special events easily!

Online Database Management
gostaffordva1.jpgNo matter the online storage size needed, CINIVA has the tools to help you maintain any style of database.

Advertising and Media
spanglererkert1.jpgFor firms specializing in print and broadcast marketing, CINIVA works to integrate your style to the Internet.

Mobile Internet Capability
doormation.jpgDoormation communicates instantly with customers with specialized applications offered by CINIVA Systems.

Mobile Internet Capability
doormation.jpgDoormation communicates instantly with customers with specialized applications offered by CINIVA Systems.

Database Management
ScreenHunter_8.jpgNo matter the online storage size needed, CINIVA has the tools to help you maintain any style of database.

Retail E-Commerce Success
ssgcat.jpgDorothy Prentices takes beauty to a new online level.

Online Advertising
cost_per_click.jpgStrong pay-per-click campaigns make for high search visibility. Learn how to use Google to increase traffic and business to your website.

Effective E-Mail Marketing
blueboxlogo.jpgSundays Blue Box Tanning Resort enjoys a healthy customer retention rate thanks to attractive, effective e-mail newsletters.

America's 400th Anniversary

CINIVA brings news of the 400th anniversary of America's first permanent colony in Jamestown, Virginia with sharp, attractive design.

Currituck & Outer Banks, NC
CurrituckCurrituck County is tranquil beaches, wild horses, and delicious seafood. CINIVA captures their leisurely style.

Redesign: The Bead Cottage
newbead.jpgCarol Willoughby of The Bead Cottage wanted a new look to her site, plus user-friendly e-commerce functionality. Within weeks of relaunch Carol was selling beads all over the world.

London Bridge Baptist Church
ScreenHunter_9.jpgWith CINIVA, churches can accept monetary donations and online registration for special events easily!
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