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SEO Applications for Your Business

At CINIVA, we recognize the need for a business to stay on top of search engine results for their desired key phrases. As a design company, we take SEO to heart because we want to be found on Google and Yahoo, too! We also realize, though, that what works for our site in terms of SEO might not work for another client. Therefore, when we take on your project, we look at the big picture. We don't just ask, "How can we get you page one search results?" We also ask, "How do we get people to buy once they are on your site?" We work individually with clients on achieving high search rankings, and while we may not do everything the same way with the sites we promote, we do keep to the core basics:


seo-success-steps2.jpgLook at the content of the site, the text a web user sees when he/she visits your site. Is the text grammatically correct? Are words spelled correctly? Is the content rich in relevant keywords, enough to emphasize the relevance of the site, but not overloaded with keywords so as to look like SPAM? Is there a good balance of text content and image content? Do the keywords under which you wish to be found in search have priority placement in the text…is that content the first thing seen as the site loads? Do all the hypertext links work? Are all outbound links leading to relevant data?

As site content becomes more important in SEO, we will continue to optimize for good, relevant content as seen by consumers and spiders. Content optimization is often an ongoing process, as websites need to be updated regularly with fresh content (news, updated information, new items and images) so the spiders will notice as they revisit your site. At CINIVA, we are proud to have an award-winning publisher author on staff, whose writing expertise stretches to many realms. If you know exactly what you want to convey on your website, but are unsure of how to do it in a search-friendly way, we can help.

Meta Validation

If you are a new client to CINIVA and have opted for extended SEO services, we get to work on your promotion before the website goes live. As content is added to each page, we look at the various HTML tags that are important in SEO:

  • the META tags that define the site's content through detailed descriptions and relevant keywords
  • the TITLE tags that will displayed in search results
  • the ALT tags that accompany each image found on the site.

This content, seen only by search engine spiders as they crawl webpages to gather data, can help determine a site's position in specific keyword searches. Many SEO experts warn not to emphasize all SEO efforts into these tags, and we agree. Ultimately the freshness of your site's content will determine your position in search, yet we do and will optimize your META data for quality to enhance your site's relevance.

It is the consensus of many SEO professionals that META data, particularly keyword and description data, does not affect search engine results as much as it did in the past. It may be helpful to sites, however, to maintain these tags, if only to guide spiders to the proper content of the site. META tags should not, however, be considered the be-all and end-all of proper search engine optimization. A factor, yes, but not as important a factor as site content and relevancy, and link popularity.

Submission of URLs

Once a site is live, CINIVA begins the process of submission to the search engines. SEO experts recommend manual submission to the major engines (Google, MSN, and Yahoo) to prevent possible SPAM aversion techniques employed by the engines.

For specialized sites dealing in various businesses, travel, and the medical industry among others, they may exist topic-specific portals and engines geared to showcasing such sites. As part of our SEO packages, we will research the Internet for possible avenues of promotion, indicate and suggest free and paid advertising as needed.

Link Building

Link building is an ongoing process in SEO, and one of the core elements in CINIVA's SEO packages. We will research relevant sites and negotiate links, yet we do not request links from every site encountered. The quality of an outside site that links to yours also determines your site's SEO. It is better for a website with a Google PageRank of 5 or 6 to link to your site than have a "link farm" site with no PageRank link back. As thousands of new websites are launched daily, we will work to sift the wheat from the chaff as we find relevant quality sites with whom we can building linking relationships. You can be assured when you sign on with CINIVA to handle your SEO that we will not distribute your site to every SPAM farm in existence in order to inflate your popularity.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay Per Click is an advertising technique used on websites, advertising networks, and search engines for the purpose of allowing websites to advertise for high visibility. PPC is cost-effective, easy to execute, and there are no term limits. You can set campaigns to launch and end at any time. When you sign on with CINIVA to manage SEO, you have the option of allowing us to craft and maintain an effective Pay Per Click campaign for your site.

ppc_how_to1.gifPay per click advertising is recommended for newer sites. Yahoo/Overture and Google Adwords are two of the most popular pay per click advertising programs, as both allow for exposure across a number of website and search engines. Overture sponsored listings appear on Yahoo, MSN, and other engines, while Google Adwords also appear as part of the Google AdSense program. Assuming our limousine website owner uses Google Adwords, he can opt for AdSense exposure and send his ad to website related to his content.

The key to a successful pay per click campaign lies in knowing which search terms to bid upon, how much to spend, and knowing which search terms are best relevant to your site. CINIVA offers a range of PPC and paid advertising services, and will work with you to determine the best methods for spending your allotted online marketing budget. Let us help plan your PPC strategies.

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