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Online Audio and Video Applications

When a simple image gallery or animation won't do, CINIVA has the tools to turn your site dynamic with audio and video applications.

Look around the Internet. Everybody embeds video clips on sites and blogs. The popularity of YouTube has exploded the video feed phenomenon on the Web, so much that Google now incorporates YouTube videos in blended search. There is no denying that video attracts attention, and when harnessed in the proper method it can become a valuable marketing tool for your business.

CINIVA can enhance your website with streaming video feeds. Whether you wish to share a gripping public service announcement, a video postcard of your travel destination, or demonstrate a product, we can embed video feeds into your site so visitors can see for themselves what you have to offer. Videos are streamlined and won't lock browsers, so users with different connections and browsers can enjoy.

CINIVA offers competitive pricing with custom streaming solutions for each and every one of our customers. If you're ready to update your site with video, contact CINIVA today at 757.499.1990 to learn more about integrating video feeds into your site design.


Are you podcasting? Do you even know what a podcast is? If not, you could be missing out on a whole new audience for your products and services.

Podcasts are specially-recorded news items and programs that people can enjoy on the Internet or download into their MP3 players. Think of it as indie radio on demand: right now thousands of podcasts are available on a myriad of subjects - from sports to books to religion to business. Musicians use podcasts to showcase new songs, while authors read from their own books to entice readers to buy the whole thing. If you have something to say, you can easily record it on a podcast and offer it on your site.

Offering a podcast on your site allows you a new avenue in website marketing - you can list your podcast with iTunes and other directories to attract visitors to your site. Most important of all, creating a podcast is not difficult to do. All you need is some good audio software, a clear speaking voice, and the desire to have fun!

CINIVA offers podcast functionality for your website, with hosting services for podcast files and SEO solutions for marketing your show to the world. Contact CINIVA today at 757.499.1990 to learn more about broadcasting your site to listeners.

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