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Flash Design

Sometimes a website needs a little pizazz to entice a visitor further inside to shop or browse. With attractive, effective Flash animation, CINIVA can enhance any website and give it life. Turn a dull, business card of a website into a dynamic, interactive center of commerce and/or community with our specialized Flash design services. Animated design is affordable, adaptable to any Web platform, and suitable for e-commerce, business-to-business, and non-profit websites.

Below is a flash object we used to sell alternating pressure cushions.. it is live so you can experiment with it..


CINIVA has on staff the best graphics designers in the business. With a bit of know-how, a bit of creativity, and a touch of CINIVA magic we can create a lively animated logo to enhance your brand and embed your name in the minds of site visitors. Bring your current business logo into the new century, or offer an elegant slideshow to enhance a travel site, retail store, or decor business.

Custom Logo Design

New to business and in need of an eye-catching logo? Let CINIVA create one for you. Our graphic designers will customize a logo that is unique and conducive to your business. Static or animated, we'll deliver a brand consumers will remember.


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See CINIVA Flash Animation in Action!
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