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Steve Van Leeuwen- President

Steve Van Leeuwen’s real-world expertise and successful Internet marketing track-record provide an added dimension to CINIVA’s health care consulting services.

Steve has over fifteen years of experience in executive marketing and business development. Beginning his career with Roche Diagnostics as Worldwide Director of New Product Development and Specialty Markets, Steve was responsible for sales of over $100 million dollars. Products developed from his tenure with Roche, including specialized blood glucose instruments, have enjoyed sales of over one billion dollars. Steve has also served as shareholder and Vice President of Bainbridge Sciences, a Seattle-based biotechnology company that develops unique products for cancer detection. Following the successful sale of the company, he went on to serve as Worldwide Director of Marketing and Business Development For C.R. Bard’s (NYSE:BCR) diagnostic division.

Steve founded Lifelines, a Web-based, health-services directory. He has lead the team of Ciniva to become the largest web development company in Hampton Roads and, if all goes well, Virginia.

Steve is also our resident coffee expert, in-house dog trainer, and giver of the best compliments and gifts. Generous to a fault, Steve always goes that extra distance to spoil his people and his clients


Melissa Baumann - Director of Interactive Strategies

Melissa brings two decades of web content, writing, site architecture and content management system experience.

Melissa is an award-winning copywriter and columnist whose work has been featured on NPR, Stars and Stripes, Navy Times, local and national websites and multiple Chicken Soup for the Soul series books. Melissa is our account exec, information architect, strategist, search guru and all around creative muse. Melissa thrives under pressure, gets really excited about winning (and the competition that precedes it) and advocates relentlessly for clients all the way through the process.

Always the optimist with an ever-present smile, Melissa could be up to her ears in site launches, copy writing and client meetings, and still find a way to keep us all laughing.  In her spare time, Melissa trains with the local aerial acrobatic team and then forces us all to follow her escapades on Facebook.


Joe Werner - Art Director

Joe came to us with over nine years of web agency design experience, and immediately spoiled us with his visually stunning and wondrously balanced design sensibility. Charming and thoughtful details are his signature.

Joe’s a great listener, and straight up pro at translating a marketing strategy into a graphic experience. The final and always engaging outcomes are a reflection of a hundred clever decisions – each one achingly beautiful in its purpose.  A strong site presented well can propel a client into the marketing stratosphere. This means Joe has to continually raise his game to make sites equally attractive to both the Google and human audience. Joe is, hands down, the best illustrator and graphic designer in the business but characteristically soft spoken and modest.  Joe’s voice is heard in the details: from the tiniest bullet point to code and style structure that holds the site together.

Creative people need to create and for Joe that means drawing, doodling, sketching – all the time. Wireframes come to life in meetings, hilarious office banter is memorialized in cartoon form and our mouse pads are substantially more awesome than yours (don’t hate). We also cheerfully (and gratefully) let Joe art direct everything from client presentations to office layout.


Ryan Crocker - Manager of Development

Ryan brings over 14 years of Web Development experience to the Ciniva team – an extraordinary feat considering his young age.

Ryan’s extraordinary attention to detail and razor-sharp focus ensure that every site constructed by Ciniva Web Agency rides on rock solid code, search engine friendly structure and cross-platform compatibility. When Ryan is on the project, extraordinary outcomes are a given.

Ryan’s breadth of experience within the web arena includes custom programming, e-commerce solutions, WordPress and Joomla development, information architecture, Facebook and Open Graph programming, and streaming video technologies. Best of all, Ryan is a master problem solver with a penchant for creating elegant solutions to tangly problems.

As our genius-in-residence, we look to Ryan for a lot of things – not the least of which is his ability to debate with us on everything from world politics to the future of technology.


Robbie Foglia - Manager of Search Marketing

Robbie is our paid media advertising and search marketing manager, strategist and pay-per-click wizard.

As our paid media strategist, Robbie works with clients to create and implement a highly targeted, finely tuned marketing initiative that focuses on return on investment. Both creative and analytic, Robbie rocks both sides of the Google house working to boost organic search rankings as well as paid ones through good, old fashioned methodology and intuition. If all else fails, he’s got Google on speed dial (yes, they pick up).

Robbie understands that ongoing reviews of Google Analytics help take a marketing initiative down a very granular path. Good data helps translate media spends into measurable results, thereby giving leverage to marketing budgets. Robbie has over nine years of multimedia production and ad agency experience.

In addition to having connections at Google and Facebook (and enough chutzpah to make them bend to his will), Robbie knows almost everyone in his hometown community of Ocean View. Read: office hook-up for free beer, free surfboard rentals, free snacks and more.


Matt Moreau - Production Manager

Matt’s title is production, but we all know him as “the cavalry.” We’ve thrown him into battle, stacked him against impossible odds and then watched in awe as he came out unscathed.

As our production manager, we tend to look to Matt to take a project through from development to launch. Because Matt majored in graphic design, we can trust him to translate Joe Werner’s beautiful designs into pixel perfect sites. However, because he also excels at development, Matt ensures that the functionality promised is in place, that the site passes quality standards and that it’s easy and clean to navigate across multiple platforms and browser versions.

Because Matt’s all about YOU, his most important gig is ensuring that your site launches on time, on budget and with more than a few extras thrown in to guarantee a little love from Google.

Matt often takes his craftsman skills to the keg as our resident brewmeister. If you’re lucky enough to be invited to a tapping party, we recommend showing up early. On second thought, take your time.


Kathryn Lively - Social Media Strategist

Fact: Kathryn was ruling the search engine world before Google was a company. Kat has more than a decade of success under under her mouse, much of that right here at Ciniva.

Kathryn is our in-house social media expert and keeper of the content crown. With hundreds of syndicated articles, thousands of Facebook posts and millions of tweets, Kathryn is more than capable of running the table with your online persona. There are literally hundreds of ways to enhance, monitor and project your brand across the web; Kathryn is tapped into the best of them. Rather than begging for attention on the most popular (and crowded) sites, Kathryn carefully and strategically places your messages for impact. This means your customers get to hear your voice, and connect with you.

When she’s not orchestrating a killer social campaign, Kathryn writes mystery novels, runs her own small publishing company and takes us all to school on trending social tactics.


Steve Padgett - Systems Director

Steve (Padge to us) brings over 20 years experience in computer and deep level SQL database programming to the Ciniva web team. When clients present us with seemingly difficult problems, Steve is our go-to programmer.

Steve worked 10 years at the National Institute of Health, contributing to many significant publications in the field of cardiovascular epidemiology, using computer analysis to discover and quantify risk factors and familial relationships in heart disease. Steve holds an undergraduate degree in mathematics from Case Western University and certifications in JAVA, J2EE, along with Master’s degree in computer science at Johns Hopkins Whiting School of Engineering.

In his spare time, Padge enjoys playing raquetball, dropping blood-pressure raising bait pellets at Ryan Crocker’s feet, hang gliding, and jacking the ramen noodle cups from the break room.



Lucy Hundley - Social Media Writer

Though Lucy is fairly fresh on the writing scene, she has already racked up an impressive list of published articles, blogs, tweets and retweets. With her sharp mind and even sharper wit, Lucy spins a powerful web.

As our social media writer, Lucy is constantly being asked to capture a salient point in an economy of words. Equally talented in every online arena, Lucy interviews, researches, orchestrates and then distributes media in dozens of electronic formats. From the viral quotes on Facebook, trending tags on Twitter, to comment driven blogs, press releases and website copy, if you want light a fire, Lucy is your match.

Lucy is known and loved for her attention to detail, extraordinary management skills and the ability to produce stellar work under pressure. In her spare time, Lucy enjoys crushing mere mortals with her extraordinary knowledge of politics, world economics and literature.

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