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How to Generate Quality Facebook Fans /Likes Through Advertising

A critical component of the modern web marketer’s arsenal, all companies now realize that building a quality Facebook presence will allow you to do far more than just post funny pictures of your cat. The root of the Facebook experience is the social connectivity that brings people, information, and businesses together in the Facebook arena. The better your business’s Facebook page, the more likely Facebook users in your target audience are to connect and interact with your brand, hopefully morphing into customers. But, just throwing out a Facebook page for your business and making comments here and there is not enough to jumpstart a powerful Facebook presence. To help a Facebook page really get going, try a little social advertising.

A superior method to blindly purchasing fans and likes, social ads in Facebook utilize an organic fan base to cultivate quality fans (likes) that are likely to engage with your brand because their friends already are. This type of advertising in Facebook allows your ads to show mainly to friends of those people that like your page already. Facebook has created an entire metric around this type of advertising, indicating that this is indeed a preferred method for building a quality fan base. The new metric, show below, is social percentage.

Facebook Social Advertising Success Story for

The social percentage indicates how often your ads are shown with a social component, such as, “Robbie Foglia also likes this.” Facebook is keying in on the fact that people will be more likely to engage with a brand that their friends also like, leveraging the power of social connectivity for better brand building. By creating some social Facebook ads, we were able to quickly and effectively increase the quality fan base for several clients, including European Booking company Even better, the graph below shows how interactions on the company's fan page have increased dramatically with the influx of new, quality fans since the advertising began.

Facebook advertising tips to improve interactions and likes.

If you are interested in exploring social advertising or could use assistance with a social media campaign, call 757-499-1990 or submit a contact form and an implementation expert will offer you a free consultation to determine how Ciniva Web Agency can help accomplish your goals.

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